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Individual Counseling

One:One Therapy

Sometimes in life we get stuck in places that are no longer serving us for our good.  Maybe those strategies were useful at one time, but our situations are so much different now that those old patterns have become completely outdated--but how do you change them and level up your game?  

Individual therapy can help.  It's a safe place to process what keeps you from moving forward, develop new, healthy patterns and go on to have longer lasting success.  

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Case Management

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Case Management 

If you struggle with substance use disorder, or are experiencing homelessness and housing instability, or live with mental health challenges  a case manager can help.  Our case managers will meet with you, assess your situation and your needs and work along side of you to come up with a comprehensive plan to support you in meeting your needs long term.  

The "system" is messy and can get very overwhelming, often times forcing people to give up.  But, with a case manager by your side, walking through the barriers can be easier to manage.  

Parent Coaching & Education

Nurturing Parent Program

In this 16 week curriculum, you will be exposed to an evidence based education to help you create the safe, healthy, nurturing bond that is so critical to raising your child.  Designed to tackle the 7 major risk factors that contribute to child abuse and neglect, participants will be engaged in competency building lessons that move from one to the next upon completion.  


Co-Parenting and Blended Families Coaching

Learning how to co-parent after divorce can be super complicated. But, there are very useful strategies that can help make it a success.  Divorce/separation is incredibly difficult on everyone involved, but investing in the the emotional wellbeing of your children during this time will be the best thing you can do in these difficult situations. 

On top of that, 60% of second marriages end in divorce.  The biggest challenge cited is children--don't go through it again.  Start strong with a foundation that will contribute to the success of your new family.  It is totally doable, but it takes a village.  

Domestic Violence Education & Workshops

Reckoning With Domestic Violence

In this 8 week workshop you will learn the different stages of life after domestic violence.  You will begin to wrap language and meaning around your experience, and meet other women who have shared experience. You will build trust and bonds with others.  You will begin the journey of recovery.  Taught by a domestic violence survivor, this workshop will take you on a journey of self-healing, acceptance, love, and moving forward.  

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