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The Integrated Life Foundation is dedicated to serving members of our community facing homelessness, substance use disorder, mental illness, domestic violence, parenting needs and reunification. Due to these barriers, our community members are often in need of financial assistance with housing, food, transportation, clothing, car repairs, legal fees, personal care items, medical expenses, child care, and so much more.

Your donation will directly fund valuable resources to help community members to not only survive, but to thrive. 

  • $10 can be used toward purchase personal care products, order someone last-minute transportation, or purchase a meal

  • $25 can be used to acquire copies of necessary documents (birth certificate, ID, etc)

  • $50 can be used toward a food giftcard, gas giftcard, or to purchase clothing

  • $100 can be used toward basic car repairs (oil change, tire change)

  • $250 can be used toward a security deposit, out of pocket medical expenses, home furniture, or larger car repairs.

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