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Say Hello to Our Case Managers

Our Case Management team is dedicated to supporting you through life challenges. Whether you are struggling with substance use, experiencing homelessness, or have a mental health diagnosis our case managers can help support you to access the resources you need to live a healthy and fulfilling life.  This is a MaineCare only service.  


Sandra Jose, LSW, MHRT-C

Case Management Supervisor

and Domestic Violence Advocate

After graduating from the University of Southern Maine with her Bachelors in Sociology with a concentration in Women and Gender Studies, Sandra knew it was in her DNA to serve women and vulnerable populations. She has joined The Integrated Life as a strong advocate for women's needs.  

Sandra works as a case manager, but also as our domestic violence educator spearheading a Domestic Violence Workshop dedicated to helping women reckon with life after domestic violence.  

Kristin Leahy, MHRT-C

Case Manager/ Community Integration Specialist

Kristin graduated in 2004 from Gordon College with a degree in Youth Work and a minor in Counseling Psychology, She spent 18 years both in the states and overseas working with youth and young adults in the community.  Kristin is a dedicated and compassionate case manager with a proven track record of making a positive impact in the lives of individuals facing challenging circumstances. With a deep commitment to advocacy and a strong background in working with youths, she has been a guiding light for countless clients seeking support and assistance. Kristin is known for her exceptional communication skills, which foster trust and build strong rapport with clients, empowering them to take control of their lives. As a case manager, Kristin has successfully collaborated with a diverse range of clients, including those facing issues related to mental health, substance abuse, housing insecurity, and more.

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Lauren Korthy.JPG

Lauren Korthy, MHRT-c

Case Manager and Skills Development Specialist

Lauren Korthy, B.Sc. in Exercise Science, minor in Holistic Health, MHRT/c, PN 1, Reiki Master/Teacher. All those fancy letters simply show that due to a personal history with trauma and mental health conditions, she set out to educate herself on what supports a balanced, happy and healthy life with the minimum effective dose for maximum benefit. Lauren approaches each interaction with clients in a person centered and strengths based approach so that they feel safe to show up as they are, with what they have and leave the rest to the space within TIL. Her ultimate goal is to be the navigator supporting the client, the expert of their own life, through the journey of life. Lauren will be spearheading the Skills Development Services, along with several TIL staff, to promote and enhance the skills of each client to live a life that is true to them. A self-help enthusiast Lauren enjoys optimizing each area of the wellness wheel and gets super curious on what actually works. 


Lainey Martin, MHRT-c

Case Manager/ Community Integration Specialist

Lainey graduated from Smith College with a Bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Education and Child Study. While in college, Lainey gained experience working with teens in special education and with individuals in group living environments. Lainey is passionate about helping individuals access the resources they need to support their mental health and achieve their goals.

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Emily St. Pierre, MHRT-c

Case Manager/ Community Integration Specialist

Emily will be graduating in December 2023 with her Associates Degree in Human Services. Emily has worked in the field of mental health for two years prior to becoming a case manager. Emily has experience working with individuals with many different mental health diagnoses as well as co-occuring disorders. Mental health is truly her passion! Emily is a caring and empathetic individual who loves to help people reach their goals. She strives to create strong and trusting relationships with her clients where everyone feels safe and heard.

Ashley Baker, MHRT-c

Case Manager/ Community Integration Specialist

Ashley Baker went to the University Of Maine Presque Isle and Northern Maine Community College and has an Associates Degree in Science. Ashley is a Registered Nurse in the State of Maine and has  been passionately caring for clients/ patients in her community for 17 years with a focus on geriatrics, palliative care and hospice. Ashley has worked closely with many of the providers, health care facilities, residential facilities,  group homes, and community resources in the southern Maine area to help meet the needs of her clients. 

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Larissa Emery, MHRT-c

Case Manager/ Community Integration Specialist

Larissa Emery is a Case Manager with a diverse background in serving populations facing mental health challenges and co-occurring disorders on an inpatient and outpatient basis. A personal history of trauma and grief helped to guide her education and her passion towards an understanding of human connection, adverse childhood experiences, and the relationship each one of us has with our trauma. She is committed to continuous education surrounding Adverse Childhood Experiences, in hopes that someday ACE’s research will be forefront in finally addressing the negative life long impacts of trauma. Because everyone deserves the ability to reckon with their past, so that they may begin to heal their future. She strives to help each of her clients navigate and access therapies and resources available to them, and is a strong advocate for individual voice and choice. She believes that the individuals she serves drive the bus, and that she just helps with the directions (and that a little moral support now and then never hurt). Larissa, also has a lengthy history professionally and personally working with Parents of children with significant mental and emotional health challenges. Those navigating the Children Behavioral Health services (CBHS) in our state. And a deep understanding of the pain and grief parents and families face when home is not currently a safe option for their child/children. You are not inadequate, our system of care is.  

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