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The Integrated Life Foundation (TIL) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving members of our community facing homelessness, substance use disorder, mental illness, domestic violence, parenting needs and reunification. Due to these barriers, our community members are often in need of financial assistance with housing, food, transportation, clothing, car repairs, legal fees, personal care items, medical expenses, child care, and so much more. 

Our mission is succinct yet powerful: to create a world where every individual's potential is realized, where barriers are dismantled, and where the values of compassion and humanity flourish. We hope to accomplish this mission by raising funds so that when a need arises we can support, connect and empower our neighbors and link them to the valuable resources they need to not only to survive but to thrive.

We are seeking partners who share our vision for a better world and are willing to contribute to this vital cause. Your donation will directly fund initiatives that drive social change, promote education, and create a more compassionate society. Monetary donations, gift cards, and products are all welcome. With your generous donation we can fill a much needed gap in services. We can assist a single parent with feeding their children, an individual with a car repair that keeps them employed, or a newly housed client paying a security deposit. Our neighbors deserve nothing less.

Let’s Work Together To Uplift Humanity.

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