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Welcome to
The Integrated Life

Trauma Informed/People First

28 State St. 
Gorham, Maine

Fax: 207.222.0172

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The Integrated Life is committed to supporting and empowering individuals and families by providing comprehensive, client-centered services and education through meaningful connections

Our Services

Group Hug

Community Integration

Supporting individuals with a mental health diagnosis connect to resources and services to support their goals and improve quality of life. 

*Full Mainecare Service Only

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A place to sort our your feelings, process your experiences, and get support where you need it. 

This is your space. 

Domestic Violence Support

A weekly workshop for survivors of domestic violence to access support, education, and wrap language around their experience. You are not alone!

Image by Melissa Askew

Skills Development

Face-to-face contact, that restores and improves your skills and abilities essential to independent living (i.e. self-care and daily life management).

*Full Mainecare Service Only

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